Monday, August 15, 2005

O'Reilly Connection

I signed up for the O'Reilly Connection site. I am hoping it will be a way to connect with some top developers. Unfortunately, we have some rather severe requirements for people that want to work on some of our jobs, so my guess is that there will be only a few people who will be eligible. I don't know if sites like this work that well. I also tried Yahoo!360, but that seemed too general. Why would I bother putting content there when it is so difficult to access, but not targeted to any specific group? I think once the content is identified as being for a particular target market, it does make sense to limit access. Limiting access gives people the freedom to reveal a little bit more about themselves, without opening the door to people who would use it against them. Well, I guess it actually does leave the door open, but if someone is being bad, at least the door can be closed to them.