Thursday, October 20, 2005


I love this slate article on why South Korea is so good at cloning. I would like to create an analagous environment in the company that we are creating. Well, at least the "scientist as hero" part, not so much the "being attacked by China and Japan and having a crazy cousin at my northern border" part. I have been searching for how the dna of the company can be forced to take a certain shape, how to incentivize the right kind of behavior, and how to cook things so that the right chemistry emerges. How big can you get and still remain agile? What do you need to be the driving intellectual force that keeps things focused on the right goal, focused enough to get through the really really boring parts that are necessary to make great software, necessary to ensure that the fun creative parts are utilized in the right way. I don't think you can cook it too much, a lot it just happens by getting smart, open minded people into the groove together and seeing what comes out. Let me know if you are reading this and want to join up.