Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Intel's Robson tech speeds laptop startup and saves juice

Intel's Robson tech speeds laptop startup and saves juice: "

Intel is showing off some prototype Centrino systems that rock the instant startup due to integrated NAND flash memory chips. Intel’s system puts common files like system data and applications onto the flash memory, speeding up their access and reducing battery consumption...we’ve been waiting around for insta-boot for like 5 million billion years.

I have been waiting for this for sooooo long. Why limit it to laptops? The base files for Windows should have been on memory chips for ages. Flash memory is sort of the perfect solution. ROM is too difficult to update, but flash is pretty quick (faster than disk) and updatable. And lots of computers are coming with flash card slots. My printer/fax even has one. Maybe I could boot windows off of my printer....