Friday, November 04, 2005

Dynamically Typed Languages and Code Completion

Ruby is nice, it's a very concise Object Oriented language with a good community around it. But there is some weirdness. One selling point of Ruby is that it is dynamically typed- you don't have to declare variable types, which allows for a lot of flexibility. However, there is a cost in that those of us lazy types that have been saving the part of our brain that remembers and types out method names on objects for more important things. Well, I'm actually just letting that part of my brain rest. Now, with Ruby, I can't hit the [.] key and get a list of all of the legal calls, because, I could literally type anything and it would work. There is a magic thing called method_missing that lets you call things that don't exist.

Anyway, I think I should at least be able to get the list methods that are available in the object and its super classes, if the IDE knows what class we are dealing with, which is possible when you have the types declared. I am downloading Komodo now to see if that pans out, results here tomorrow?