Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Google Analytics: Looks Good, No Data

Pissed at Google: "We seem to be hearing from more people that Google doesn't do that great a job outside of its core focus, search. So again, when Google decided to make its Web analytics software free yesterday, some people weren't happy with how the company handled it. They were pissed, says Ethan Stock, chief executive of valley events start-up Zvents. "

Well, they should have done the gmail thing and scaled this thing gradually. This was just too good. The Zvents guys doesn't get it either, they did cut off signups pretty quickly. But it looks like it was already too late for them to serve up their current customers.

I think one idea for scaling things up would have been to keep current customers on the existing infrastructure. I have to assume they had no idea how many people were looking for a cheap and easy web analytics solution.