Friday, January 27, 2006

Waterfall 2006

Waterfall 2006 is a great idea. I really can't wait until people get back on board with the only approved way of developing software. I didn't realize so many of the luminaries of so-called "agile" development were already on board, but if that's what there doing, it must be right, so sign me up.


Dave Smith said...

Having not come from the computer science world, nor from the engineering world, but having spent time over the last 20 years in both, I tend to be skeptical when either of these fields talk process and methodology.

I tend to think they are both quite adept at talking about it, but generally not very good at implementing it. Lately I've been looking at Agile, RUP, MSF, and now this Waterfall, and it amazes me to see that there are all these various artifacts, methodologies et cetera, but precious few good tools to actually facilitate and implement the process as opposed to a process and methodology which is at one extreme too cumbersome or at the other extreme too fuzzy to implement.

The computer scientists of the world seem to want it to be a quasireligious and synergistic mindset and philosophy, whereas the engineers and project managers of the world want it to be a set of cogs and gears that they can see turning, count the revolutions on, et cetera...

At some point there has to be a happy medium.

mark said...

that's a funny, funny website. I'm almost in tears.