Monday, March 27, 2006

Ajax Hacks on Safari

So, I am enjoying reading Ajax Hacks on Safari. It's a decent book. I really think the first general chapters of these books are becoming quickly less important, as people are really looking to pick a library (Atlas, Prototype,, DWR, Dojo, etc.)and start hacking. The book has a chapter split between Prototype and Rico. It also has one on Really, not very many useful bits on these. It is a hacks book, so it's not meant to be a reference tome or anything, but most of these libraries could use some serious documentation. I think I'd like to see a book where the first chapter was on doing Ajax with Prototype and built from there.

I think what makes this more interesting is that I am reading the book for about $2. Now that the book is out of the "Rough Cuts" stage (see my earlier rant on this), I can add it to my $19.95 per month 10 book shelf and read it. I can use some of my 5 PDF downloads to get the chapters I am interested in permanently. Last week, that would have cost me $14.99, just to get that one book for a little while online, and then the PDF when it was done. If you don't have Safari, it's not a bad deal. If you have Safari- what's the point? Just to read it sooner? How much is that worth? Not $15 if you ask me...

"Purchase the Rough Cuts online pre-publication version only
This option gives you access to the evolving manuscript through Safari Books Online. You can read the Rough Cuts book online, download it in PDF format, or print. The Rough Cuts title will be available for reading until 45 days after the print version is published. Once the title is officially In Print, you can make one additional download of the complete book. When you buy a Rough Cuts title through this option, your credit card is charged immediately.