Friday, July 14, 2006

GIS discussions....

Ogle Earth: A blog about Google Earth. « GIS: What's there to talk about? »

I think the fact that many of people's posts are just kind of newsy contributes to my lack of interest in commenting on their site. There's a certain amount odiscussionon that can happen around facts, but most discussion is about opinions and analysis.

I find discussions where people are just slamming other products/people/companies/technologies particularly tiresome, but there's a lot more respect in the GIS community. For example, while Stefan writes about Google Earth, he doesn't spend a lot time trying to talk down World Wind and Microsoft and ESRI. On the other hand, the most attention I tend to get is when I say something negative about something, like whining about the unnecessary complexities and oversights of GML..

Another aspect is the trackback concept.I wishsh it worked better in Blogger so that I could just add a post to the discussion on my own blog and have the link show up on theirs.Damnmn those spammers.


James Fee said...

Move to, that would give you so much more control.

Matt M said...

Yeah, I've been thinking about that. Blogger is easy, but pretty basic.