Saturday, April 28, 2007

Productive Thoughts

Scott Simpson: I love saving things to w/ a "toread" tag. Offloading work to the future, incredibly productive, version of myself. [link] Kind of a cool idea for using, especially if you use the firefox plugin. Just highlight a bit of text and then tag it. So easy. I haven't gotten as much out of the more advanced bookmarks plugin, but that might be because my current bookmarks are a pile of junk.

The main garbagey bit about is that there is no good way to manage tags with the default apps. Idea! I am going to hunt around to look for someone that has done that or start digging into the API a little bit.

I guess one of the main competitors to this stuff is Google Notebook, but I really don't enjoy using that for some reason I don't yet understand. Those little links in the search results pages are tempting thought.