Saturday, March 01, 2014

Another post about nothing

This post by Jeff Atwood really gets at why I don't blog much any more. There is a certain kind of pressure when people are actually or might be actually reading your blog that you don't get when it is just sitting there. It's the pressure that what I am doing at the moment is not as interesting or useful to other people as the things they are doing so I don't want to waste people's time even skimming it to decide that themselves. I also ran into some incidents where idiots took everything I said in the way they wanted to, or used it to strategic advantage against me to supposedly reveal my hidden preferences or lack of commitment to their chosen path in The Neverending Battle over Which Technology to Use. And then there are the other things, the Twitters and Google+... anyway, maybe I'll find something useful to say again someday. Just reading through my old ideas, there aren't too many embarrassing ones that would prevent me from ever looking at this stuff again.