Monday, August 15, 2005

C#, why?

There is something fundamentally weird about the existence of c#. According to and book sales, it's not popular. I think those numbers are skewed a bit because it a lot of HR and hiring managers just ask for “.net”. I don't know how someone could have skills related to the VM in general, but I suppose there are a few bytecode hackers out there that could write “.net”.

As I understand it, no one wanted them to fork Java, like they tried with J#, so they had one of the programming language greats whip up something similar with a different name.

Why does microsoft want a VM anyway? Won't c++ run faster? Were they actually counting on mono to provide write once, run (or crash) anywhere support? I think there are better ways of doing managed code.

So, my days of COM hacking are getting behind me enough that iUnknown is becoming I unknow. (Ugh) Still, I have fondness for the power of the monoculture approach. Why no one has written a javac for the .net vm is interesting...maybe I need to google that before I say it's true.

C# just isn't worth it. If you are a duffer you do and that's great. If you know what you are doing, you do c++. If your boss won't let you use java, you use c#.
If I had to choose between the three, I'd go for one that will be here in 10 years.
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