Monday, October 24, 2005

How Quickly We Lose Interest In Video Games (and work)

Techdirt comment "While folks are fretting about the impact of video games on aggressive thoughts and behaviors, Clive Thompson is taking an interesting look at how many gamers suddenly get sick of a game they've obsessed over for weeks. His theory is that once you've uncovered all the 'layers' of how a game works, it loses much of its excitement. "

Continuing a loose thread on boredom- which I think is a rather large issue with people- I think this is the case with a lot of things. I quickly become obsessed with finding out how all of the layers of a thing work, and then find that I just lose interest. What does this say about the jobs we create for people? They are not necessarily puzzles, we aren't there to create puzzles, but we should refrain from giving people jobs that they can easily master. I think there is a positive side effect of continuous improvement efforts in that they can lead us to always push forward, and pushing forward keeps things interesting.