Monday, November 28, 2005

Previewseek web search

Previewseek web search: "

Beta web search Previewseek aims squarely at Google and bills itself 'the world's most advanced search engine.' PreviewSeek's about page compares a search for the word 'Java' on Google and says its results are smarter:

Previewseek immediately understands that the word Java can mean many different things. Did you mean Java the island, Java the coffee, Java the programming language, or Javanese (the language spoken by people on Java island)? If you are not sure, Previewseek immediately gives you definitions of each different meaning. On Google, if you were interested in Java the island, you would have to click through over 70 pages of irrelevant results for 'java' before getting to your very first relevant result! In Previewseek, you just need to click once to get all the appropriate results.

Uhhh...maybe you should just query "java island". It really annoys me when people do some dumb query on a single ambiguous word and complain about the results. The previously mentioned search even gives you some options for "java island map" as a suggested alternate query.