Thursday, December 08, 2005

Letting Go and theTest Drive

This is a funny little post about "the fall from scaffolding". I had never really imagined that people would try to completely depend on the scaffolding and not actually stick any of the back end code in there, but I guess it's more than possible, it's happening.

I think the comment by the Python guy on Django is a little sad..."Rails just gives you scaffolding, Django gives you the whole house!
" He's taking the angle that the author is just now discovering that there's more to Rails (and Ruby) and using that to imply that there is nothing else there, and some how more in Django. Sick rhetoric- why does everything have to be such a competition. I think people should have known for a long time that it's not comparing feature lists that makes people choose one technology over another. If it was, you'd pick out your car strictly from the spec sheet without looking at it or taking a test drive.

The test drive that comes with Rails is really really good. The acceleration (in terms of how long it takes to get running) and miles per gallon (in terms of features delivered per hour) are great too, but it's really about the feeling you get that makes it different.