Friday, December 09, 2005

A (very mild) cure for the common inbox

A cure for the common inbox: Posted by Jared Jacobs, Gmail Engineer

Right place- wrong thing. It be much niftier to integrate Google Reader. I see this as something that is more for people who still don't really get the whole subscription concept. I am not one of these people who wants rss feeds in my inbox (unless they are the search alerts associated with ME personally), but I would like to see a little integration.

Google could now have four separate lists of RSS feeds for me associated with the personalized homepage, the afforemention Reader, Google Desktop 2, and now in Gmail. Only one of these imports OPML...if I worked at Google my 20% time would be spent 100% on at least loosely integrating all of the stuff they already have.


Andrew said...

How did you get linked to Google's blog but I didn't? i don't get it...

Matt M said...

Patience- you're on there now!