Wednesday, April 05, 2006

dual boot (camp) apple

Well, when my laptop hits the 2-year-old mark in December, dual boot (with boot camp) may give me the freedom to upgrade to a MacBook Pro. They are quite sexy. I have always been a little sad about Apple's overly proprietary architecture, but the prices are comprable enough now that it doesn't seem to make much difference...

Will this sell more Macs? I think so. I think it's going to sell a ton. If Apple's stock wasn't already overpriced, it's a definite revenue++, even if they end up selling a few microsoft licenses. I'd prefer to run OS X in a VMware (or MS Virtual Server?) session, but you can't have it all (yet). I was planning on waiting for whatever laptop came out on Robson first, but you can't wait forever either.


Richard said...

I have already talked to my manager about upgrading. HAHA I almost lost my lunch when I saw that article. I've always wanted one but didn't want to be tied to OSX for a few apps. I'm so mad that I got one this past summer.