Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Google Earth COM API

There's not much about this out there...I guess because it doesn't do much yet. The thing I want to do with it is to be able to make a click on the map in Google Earth have some special behavior. The current API seems primarily focused on letting external applications control the user interface. What I am trying to do is build an enterprise application that will allow sharing of created data- but on an intranet, not to the BBS. Anyway, this is just a summary of what I have dug up. I'll report on my own experiments once they produce something interesting...

The indomnitable TJ gives us the IDL here.

There's an Australian paper (PDF) that references a prototype application they did using the API with VBA in ArcGIS.

I found one (unanswered) post on the BBS:

i use the Google Earth API in vb for a few days
there are the question i can't find the anwser,could you help me?

the KHFeature.visibility can control the places's display
but what the meaning of KHFeature.hasview?

i can run in app as

Dim KH As Object
Dim View As Object
Set KH = CreateObject("Keyhole.KHInterface")
Set View = KH.currentView(0#)

And this guy seems to be doing some things with it. Some good ideas there- at least as starting points.

Still, my goal is to use Google Earth to control other things- and about the only information it is sending out is the bounding box on network links. If anyone has any ideas...send them this way!


Anonymous said...

dotnetfromjava released a java version of the api of the google earth.

Available at:
How to:

Matt M said...

Very cool! This will help someone out there. My previous experience working with COM to Java bridge technology has been quite painful, so I hope that this is better!!