Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Google Enterprise OneBox to Suck in Data From Cognos, Oracle, and Salesforce.com

business2blog: B2Day : Scoop: Google Enterprise Mashups to Suck in Data From Cognos, Oracle, and Salesforce.com: "Google is set to announce tomorrow a broad set of partnerships with enterprise software companies, including Cognos, Oracle, Salesforce.com, and SAS. The partnerships basically amount to Google and these enterprise software companies sharing APIs so that data from the various software systems can more easily be searched for through Google's OneBox corporate homepage."

This sounds like some good stuff- a lot of projects really need good integrated search- but is it really a mashup? The key is getting your system to have its results show up in the search results. Update: it's called Google OneBox. Couple of blog entries on it.

I have been a big user of the Lucene search engine embedded in an enterprise integration, but it's a little tricky on bigger data sets. I am surprised to see Oracle on the list, they think they have a perfectly capable search product. I am a bit worried about the resurfacing Novell rumors. They really don't need to buy an OS- but then again- it is one place to really gain performance when you are running the database on a dedicated box or cluster.

Our little company has been doing some consulting work with the search appliance, we are really happy with the way it works. The more stuff we can stuff into it...it only gets better.