Thursday, May 04, 2006

Meta Post: Link lovers of the world, unite and fall over

Guy Kawasaki is obsessed with making it into the technorati top 10. It's a little weird to see his "evangelist" act effected on himself- instead of the Mac. So, I guess I am falling into his trap and giving him some link love, but the guy is really cool. I love his books- "Art of the Start" is a good guide for starting just about anything (a project, a department, a company, etc.). But you really shouldn't start something of your own- you should come work with me and my burgeoning enterprise.

I am wondering if his technorati top 10 obsession comes from his own top 10 list thing, like the top ten lies of engineers. I think it's going to be hard for him though- most of the top ten are written by a group of people and are of more general interest than a business blog. Some aren't even written by people at all- I can't believe so many people read that Michelle Malkin malarkey.

Anyway- I don't get a lot of traffic on this blog, but it's fun anyway. I don't get a lot of comments either, but I have been trying to be careful about responding to comments in the comments quickly so that it becomes a bit of a conversation. I guess links are nice, but I'd rather interact with people.

Cheers to the readers...


Anonymous said...

I need to buy you a beer sometime soon.


Matt M said...

Likewise...anything to keep it digital.

Jeremy said...

A beer sounds good. Monday with Daniel?



Matt M said...

looking forward to it Jeremy.