Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Treat Contractors Well (please)

I like this post from Scott Berkun. (of the Art of PM book)

One habits many managers have is to dump the boring, unpleasant work of their team onto contract workers. The thinking is that full timers deserve the best treatment and contractors are mercenaries: they deserve whatever they get since they won’t be around long.

It’s a mistake - good managers finds a way to treat everyone well. And there are some reasons contractors deserve special attention

I don't think it applies 100% to government contracting, but it does make a lot of sense. Please treat my team well government overlords!


Dave Smith said...

Not just government... Treat your subcontractors well also :)

GeoMullah said...

You're all under my control! Now shut up and do my bidding, Plug!

Matt M said...

Great stuff. I seem to remember reading that the subcontractors shall inherit the google earth. There's really not much left for the third tier subs though, maybe they just get the virtual earth.