Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Most frightening sentence on my resume

"Wrote Visual Basic for Applications code in a consulting role to support a multi-user client/server time reporting application in Microsoft Excel"

I feel the need to add a line specifying that I was not the architect on this project who decided that doing hub-spoke replication in Excel was not only feasible, but a good idea. I was just called in when it was determined that the original team had made a big mess when they tried to "scale up" to 50 users. At least it was only a month seven years ago. I suppose what really would make it scary is revealing the customer...but I can't do that to them.

This was one of the first instances I had seen of a non IT department wanting to do something technical, but being shot down by a nascent CIO office in terms of being allowed to do IT projects. They thus went with what they had on their desktops as the development platform.

Anyway, I think that project is getting dropped from Resume 2.0.