Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feral Programmer

Feral Programmer: A programmer who has no notion whatsoever of common, socially acceptable programming practices or knowledge of available tools and technologies. The feral programmer is not necessarily a bad coder, and sometimes could be labeled a savant, but is generally impossible to work with due to the complete lack of any common framework of understanding. Somewhat of a corollary to Not Invented Here syndrome, the feral programmer is either just completely unaware or uncomprehending of most inventions in the field. Behaviors include: creating flat file databases, version control systems or their own web service architecture built of packet sniffers, frequently using only Perl.


Dan said...

Why does "feral" have to have such an anti-social component. Feral dogs return to a state of non-domestication still run in packs.

Maybe a feral programmer has just returned to his natural state of nature after being tamed for a period of time. Often aggressive toward non-pack individuals but ultimately obeying and thriving in the social order of his / her cohort. :)