Monday, January 14, 2008

Yet another reason to raise my rates

Apparently, people drinking wines actually enjoy them more- based solely on the price.

The researchers discovered that people given two identical red wines to drink said they got much more pleasure from the one they were told had cost more. Brain scans confirmed that their pleasure centres were activated far more by the higher-priced wine.

I am not sure I want to activate customers' "pleasure centers", but if higher rates can lead to satisfaction- it's a win-win!! I can sorta see the logic too- the customer is thinking, "Wow, this guy seems slow, but he's the most expensive one we could afford, so I guess it must be how much consultants costs these days."

Then again, Seth Godin says we should be giving away stuff for free. Oh, maybe that's what this blog is! Even then, it's not worth the price.


Sean G said...

I'm not sure that this is anything other than good ole conditioning.

And WTF!? Is that a slice of lime on the wine glass?

Matt M said...

You don't drink lime in your wine?