Thursday, July 17, 2008

Job ad

We need a few more "can do it all" types at our company. I struggle with how to list these positions, because not all of the skills are required, but we need a few specializing generalists or generalizing specialists or what have you. I read "Hiring Technical People" (the book and the blog), but it's still not easy. Anyway- we are still making our stock plan available to people hired in 2008, so if you know anyone that is looking...we've got a smart team. If anyone wants to point out obvious errors or inconsistencies in the technology laundry list, it would be greatly appreciated, as I don't know all of this stuff.

GIS Integration Engineer

Duties to include: Integration and testing of a cutting edge commercial imagery / video storage product into various types of commercial tools and custom government software. This includes integrating an encoder for various data types and integration of the viewers also. The work will involve working with customer site representatives to analyze and product the solutions to interface the software together. This could involve using the products c API, Scripting languages, WMS, Java or .Net wrappers. If you are a hard core geospatial person with minimal programming experience or a expert generalist programmer with a little geospatial experience and/or a solid math background, please apply.

We are looking for people with some subset of these skills:
GIS, Imagery analysis, c and c integration, Java, .Net, SQL and database programming, Python, Perl, Unix Shell Scripting, Windows and Unix Installation packages
OGC standards (WMS, WCS, WFS), PCI Geomatica, ERDAS, ESRI, ITT, GDAL, OSSIM, RemoteView, Imagine, FalconView, SocetSet, Warp, Manipulation of commercial imagery, IKONOS, QuickBird, NTM, Aerial and Aerial Video feeds,file types such as GeoPDF, GeoTIFF, NITF, JPEG2000, pix, Shapefiles, MPEG and other video formats, NTM, Calculus or Trig, Orthorectification, Programmer on Unix variants and/or Windows

Clearance: US Security Clearance Required (i.e., US Citizen only)

Location: Sterling, VA, USA, 20164

Compensation: Substantial!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a very nice job, for me. Except the fact that I am not a US citizen and resides in the part of the world known as Scandinavia:( Any chance of working from a home-office 80% of the time? :) Or a better question, are you looking for people in the European market or are you a US-only company now and in the future?

Matt M said...

sorry anon. we are a US-only company for now (one market at a time!). However, I'd personally love to spend some time in Scandanavia, so I'm open to going that way, if anything does pop up.

Anonymous said...

Is this a permanent position, or contract?

Anonymous said...

Is the location required to be VA, or is Chicago close enough? :)

Matt M said...

A permanent position is on offer, although many of the job duties relate to a contract we have.

Chicago is alas too far at this point, but we would like to virtualize some of this in the future.

Anonymous said...

How many positions are you looking to fill? What's the office environement like? Casual, formal, other?

Will you guys be at the ESRI conference?